Object Oriented Design and Programming is essential for any organization that wants to quickly model existing business rules and implment those rules.
Rational Modeling improves the flow of information and increases the coordination of actions.
RationalDB can break your business down into a series of value-added activites that combine to generate profits and meet other goals of your firm.
Object Oriented Design is the concept that forces programmers to plan out their code in order to have a better flowing program.
Use the best software development tools and cutting edge product development capabilities to deliver solutions that run your business .
Whether you leverage the latest software development tools that translate your enterprise architecture into robust solutions, design embedded systems, provide software as a service, or deliver enterprise applications, it is vital to your business that you get it right.

Object-oriented problem analysis and specification, algorithm development, program design, implementation, testing, and debugging.
Event-driven programming, inheritance, polymorphism, data abstraction, encapsulation, documentation, recursion, exception handling, and graphical user interface design.
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Object Oriented Analysis and Design OO-Problem Analysis Project Life Cycle Requirements
System Object Design Unified Modeling Language